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Students, Faculty and Staff

Assumption Catholic School 2016-17 Students, Faculty and Staff

The mission of Assumption Catholic School is to promote academic excellence in an atmosphere where the Catholic faith is taught and modeled by highly effective educators. The spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and moral development of each child is highly valued in the Assumption learning community. We fulfill our mission with a dedicated partnership of administrators, faculty and parents who work cooperatively to provide an environment that supports all students as they prepare to make a positive impact on society in the future!

  • Catholic schools exist to enable students to learn the traditions and doctrines of the Catholic Church and to carry out the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in their daily lives
  • Each student in Catholic schools should experience the value of human dignity and the concepts of peace and justice to enable them to be participants in a global society
  • Catholic schools and parishes are partners with parents in the education of the children
  • Catholic school educators apply research-based curriculum and instructional strategies that enhance the learning of all students

Assumption School History

Assumption High School, built in 1929, became the source of advanced education for some Granger Homestead family members, and the school helped build self-reliance through classes such as building wood frame structures, furniture repair, and mechanical drawings.

During 1957, Assumption High School expanded. The gym, kitchen, dressing rooms and two classrooms were added to the complex. Class sizes and enrollment also grew.

Assumption’s High School was closed in 1966. The main grade school, however, remained open and covered all earlier grades. Assumption high school students either transferred into the local public school system or went to St. Josephs (girls) or Dowling High School (boys).

Recent external and internal updates to the campus have helped the school maintain its classic look and feel while meeting the current needs of the students and teachers – technology and current teaching practices are found abundantly inside this historic building.

Assumption School is a mainstay to the Granger community and continues to provide a high-quality Christian education in our Early Childhood program and a Catholic education to Kindergarten through Eighth grade children in the Granger, IA area. Please join us “Where Faith and Knowledge Meet!

Assumption School 1904 Sycamore Street PO Box 159 Granger, IA 50109